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What is Whitening?


Whitening is different from cleaning that removes stains. Whitening makes your teeth bright and white. You will be more confident of your smile, and the quality of your life will improve with bright and white teeth.

Notes on Whitening

Teeth become yellowish because the color of dentin is originally thick that they are visible through the enamem, or innate or aging reasons. However, there are also many cases that teeth become yellowish due to foods, drinks, and tobacco. We will provide you an dvance dental examination before whitening treatment.

Whitening will be taken after the treatment cavities, periodontal diseases, and pain.

Differences between Office Whitening and Home Whitening

The method of whitening

Office Whitening

It is whitening that is taken at a dental clinic.
You can receive the treatment at relaxed environment by professional staffs at the dental clinic. It is suitable for those who cannot take the treatment time at home. We recommend it for patients who want to make their teen bright and white in a short period.

Home whitening

It is whitening that is taken at home.

After making a mouthpiece at the dental office, you will apply it using dedicated medicine by yourself at home. You can do it with relaxed feeling at home at your own pace. You do not need to visit the dentist frequently.

Dual whitening

It is the most effective whitening treatment by combining office whitening and home whitening.