全ての患者様を 家族と想う
全ての患者様を 家族と想う


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5-6-8 Minami-Azabu, Minato-ku,
Tokyo Japan 106-8580

8 minutes walk from Hiroo Sta.

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当医院の特徴Our 5 Key Features

  • Pursuit of Painless Dentistry

    We employ various methods such as topical anesthetics, electric anesthesia injectors, and temperature control of anesthetic towards our ultimate goal of pain-free treatment. We will continue our efforts to reduce and eliminate pain.

  • Dedication to Prevention and Health Care

    Our staff are dedicated to finding the best oral disease prevention and overall health care solutions for patients of all age groups. We believe it is our responsibility to put our patients and their families first, and do what we can to help.

  • Best Possible Treatment in the Least Possible Time

    In order to make the most of your valuable time, we provide thorough examinations and consultations and propose the best quality treatment that requires the least amount of time.

  • Best Equipment & Environment for the Comfort and Safety of Our Patients

    For a safe, comfortable, and accurate diagnosis, we have a CT scanner for three-dimensional examinations and a digital X-ray machine. We have also invested in a world-class sterilizer and sterilize all instruments for each patient in order to prevent hospital-acquired infections.

  • Orthodontics and Whitening Solutions

    We not only provide quality prevention and treatment services, but propose orthodontics and whitening to straighten or whiten your teeth. We offer all our knowledge and expertise so you can keep on smiling.


It is my pleasure to announce the establishment of “Aiiku Clinic Azabu Dental Unit” as the dental department of Aiiku Clinic (formerly Aiiku Hospital).
Aiiku Clinic Azabu Dental Unit is a general dentistry providing high quality prevention and treatment services.

As a general dentistry clinic, we are dedicated to promoting the importance of oral healthcare to society.

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