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What is Orthodontics?


In orthodontics, we specialize in the remedial treatment of “malocclusion” such as projecting teeth, protruding lower lip and double teeth.
With natural teeth and proper jaw functions, you will be able to enjoy your meals.
Also, headaches, jaw pain, and stiff shoulder will disapear. There are plenty of merit in orthodontics. The fine tooth alignment makes you happy, and you will be more confident of your smile.

Our specialized dentists treat patients for all ages. Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns.

Correction of Occlusion

Overbite (Maxillary protraction)


It is the state that the upper tooth alignment projects to the front. In addition to being unable to close the mouth properly, risks of breaking the front teeth and cutting lips due to a injury will increase.

Mouth with a protruding lower lip and jaw (Reversed occlusion)


The lower teeth project to the front of the upper teeth. Pronunciation problems may occur in addition to difficulties in biting.

Double teeth, Snaggleteeth (Crowded teeth)


Snaggleteeth are an irregular set of teeth. Double teeth are that eyeteeth project from the usual teeth alignment. Dirt is easily left after brushing due to the irregular teeth alignment. Because of this, the risk of becoming cavity increases.

Open bite


It is the state that the front teeth do not meet properly. The lifetime of the front teeth will be short because they can not gnaw food. There are many cases where correct pronunciation cannot be made.

Flow of Orthodontic Treatment

1:Examine your mouth.

Based on the data, we will consult you about the cost and the duration of the treatment.

2:Attach the orthodontic appliance

It takes about 1 to 2 hours to attach the equipment. As the teeth move gradually with the orthodontic appliance, you need to visit us once every 3 to 4 weeks for the adjustment.

Regarding the period, we will offer you the best treatment with the shortest time according to your condition.

3:Completion of the treatment

The treatment will be completed after X-ray examinations are done to confirm the condition of your teeth.

4:Retention period

When the treatment is completed, we will remove the orthodontic appliance. Since the teeth are easy to return to the original position after the treatment, the fixing appliance will be attached for the necessary period.

Please visit us for regular check-up.