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Oral Surgery

What is Oral Surgery?


Oral surgery is to cure oral diseases and other diseases related to mouth (tongue, jaw, regional lymph node, and salivary gland, etc.).
We provide a wide range of treatment including extractions of wisdom tooth, accidental injuries, jaw arthritis, growth abnormalities, unusual pronunciations, inflammations, malignant tumors, and neurological disorders.
You will be able to regain your health, beauty and the comfortable life by curing your problem with your mouth. We are here to support your healthy life by treating your oral diseases.

We can introduce you to a professional oral surgery if necessary.

Tokyo Dental College Suidobashi Hospital 
Nihon University School of Dentist Hospital

Diseases Treated in the Oral Surgery

Wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth are permanent teeth that grow in the innermost row. It affects tooth alignment and gives pain when the growth stops due to cutting speed and lack of space.
An extraction is necessary when symptoms occur such as pain and swelling which cause a negative effect on the oral environment.

Impacted tooth

It is a tooth that does not come through or it is buried partially in gums or bones.

Dental infection

It is caused by inflammation from dental caries, periodontal disease (alveolar pyorrhea), and wisdom teeth.
It is a condition that the inflammation severely affects the surrounding tissues.

Jaw arthritis

When jaw joints do not meet correctly, it makes a noise every time moving the jaw and it gives pain.
Also, the mouth cannot open widely. Occasionally, it can develop to facial distortion, so treatment is necessary.


It is a condition where mucosa in an oral cavity is inflamed or a small ulcer is formed.


Examine the tumor occurring in an oral cavity and determine whether it is benign or malignant.
If necessary, treatment will be taken.


Symptoms occur such as discomfort in the tongue and difficulties in its movement.

Injury treatment

Injury treatment will be taken when teeth break or fall out, and when the mouth is injured due to an accident such as falling.


It is a disease that a bag-shaped thing is formed in the body. Some can occur inside the bones of tongue and jaws, while others occur in soft tissues in the oral cavity such as tongue.