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Painless Dentistry

What is Painless Treatment?


We focus on giving painless treatment as much as possible in our dentist.
Many patients are worried about the dental treatment and its pain, even if they are used to visiting dentistry. Please feel free to consult with us. We are here to ease your concerns about the care.

Specific efforts on painless treatment

Considerations for the surface of gum

In order to reduce the pain and the discomfort when giving an anesthetic injection, we apply anesthesia gel on the surface of gum to palsy the part.

Considerations for the injection

Pain occurs when the anesthetic enters the body due to a difference in the temperature. In our dentistry, we use anesthetic warmed to human temperature to reduce the pain.

Considerations for using needles

We inject local anesthesia to relieve pain during treatment, but some patients feel pain when we are giving an anesthetic injection. We use a 0.2mm needle that is the thinnest in injection needles. It is as thin as the ones of mosquito’s and almost no pain at all.
We utilize syringes that give the least pain; please be relieved.

Considerations for injection speed

When the injection pressure is high, the surrounding tissue is pushed by the anesthetic and it gives pain. We use an electric injector and inject anesthetic liquid little by little at a regular pace.

Consideration for the time

It takes at least 5 minutes for anesthesia to work. We will begin the procedure after making sure that the anesthetic is completely working so that painless treatment can be done properly.