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Maternity Dentistry

Importance of Maternity Dentistry


In order to protect the health of expectant mothers and the babies in their belly, it is very important to maintain the mouth environment in excellent condition. This leads their babies to prevent cavity and periodontal disease in the future.

Periodontal diseases during pregnancy increase risks of low weight infants at birth and premature birth. This is because “cytokines” are secreted by inflammation of periodontal disease, and it enters the blood, causing contractions of the uterus and stimulations of the labor pains.

How about a decayed tooth? Newly born babies do not have cavity-causing bacterium. In other words, the decayed tooth of small child is caused by infection from the mother and the family.

It is crucial for the pregnant to have treatment of cavity and periodontal disease in protecting their babies.

Changes in mouth environment due to pregnancy

When women are pregnant, their conditions of body and mouth environment change due to changes in hormonal balance.

  • Saliva becomes acid.
  • Amount of snack increases because of morning sickness
  • The number of tooth brushing in a day decrease because of morning sickness
  • Increased number of female hormones causes periodontal disease

Due to the above reasons, tooth troubles are likely happen during pregnancy, so dental checkups are essential.

Timing of Dental Examinations

As the risks of cavity and periodontal disease increase during pregnancy, we recommend expectant mothers to take dental checkups in the middle and late pregnancy periods.

Even if you are diagnosed with periodontal diseases or cavities in the middle period (in the16 to 27 weeks), general treatment can be done by early detection.

At dental checkups in the latter pregnancy period (28 to 36 weeks), we go through final checks before delivery, preventive measures of decreased strength after birth and changes in lifestyles, and treatment for first aid if necessary.

Let’s protect your own health and your baby from the early stage.

Anxiety about Dental Treatment during Pregnancy


You may think that x-rays, antibiotics, local anesthesia and stuffings affect unborn babies badly.
Or you may not be able to visit a dentist because your physical and mental conditions are not stable during pregnancy.
We stay considerate of feelings of you explaining the need for treatment. We will provide the best treatment for you.


The irradiation position will be kept a distance from your belly, and we provide a protective cover. The X-ray used in our dentistry is a digital X-ray photographing device. It has small X-ray dose. It does not affect the fetus badly.


Regarding antibiotics to stop the pain, we prescribe safe medicines.


Anesthesia exerts its effect only locally; it does not effect on the fetus.
We advance the treatment taking into consideration of the health of the fetus and yourself.
We understand your feelings and anxiety about the procedure. Please feel free to consult us.