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Pediatric Dentistry

About Pediatric Dentistry


In pediatric dentistry, we specialize in curing children’s teeth from baby teeth until they have permanent teeth.

You may think that it’s too early to go to a dentist or it may be okay to leave it because baby teeth will come off naturally when they grow up.
However, new teeth and baby teeth are so soft that they easily become cavities being affected by bacteria. Also, the rate at which permanent teeth become cavities increases to ten times if baby teeth are decayed. In order to protect precious teeth, it is essential to prevent cavities from an early age.

Let’s watch over your child’s healthy teeth growth with our dentists.

Preventive Dentistry at the Pediatric Dentistry

Fluoride Treatment

Protect teeth from cavities by applying antibacterial fluoride on teeth.


Compared to permanent teeth, shapes of baby teeth are more complicated, and they have grooves that food can be left. Filling dental plastics into the grooves can prevent cavities.

Tooth Brushing Guidance

Dental hygienists will show your children how to brush their teeth individually and also they will teach parents how to do final brushing.


Even if we try to brush our teeth thoroughly, food remains in our mouth. Especially, baby teeth are easily affected by bacteria. So, it is essential to be cleaned professionally at a dentist in order to make the mouth environment healthy and keep bacteria away.


Periodically check your children’s occlusion and start orthodontic treatment at the appropriate timing as necessary.

Orthodontics for Children

The treatment is for those who are in the stage that permanent teeth replace their baby teeth. It is a treatment to expand their jaw inserting a thing like dentures into their mouth while sleeping for a specified period. It enables to secure a space where permanent teeth can be aligned neatly.

Extraction of Supernumerary Tooth

In rare cases, “Supernumerary Tooth” appear. It is neither a baby tooth nor a permanent tooth. A supernumerary tooth extraction is necessary because it affects teeth alignments.

The Merit of Visiting Pediatric Dentistry


Many people, even adults, think that dentists are scary because of the unusual machine sounds and its smells. On the other hand, some patients receive the treatment with a relaxed feeling. The difference is “experience”.

From the young age, children who visit a dentist regularly with the belief that dentists are for teeth health do not think that dentists are scary and painful. Also, their cavities and periodontal diseases are unlikely to become serious because the dentist is a part of their life.

We praise the children when they do well at the treatment, and we create a relaxed mood. At the same time, we teach children the reason why we need to protect our teeth.
Let’s motivate your children to protect their own teeth to make their teeth healthy and beautiful forever. When they grow up, they understand the merit of the pediatric dentisry.