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Cosmetic Dentistry

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?


Cosmetic dentistry is a dental treatment that creates beautiful and healthy teeth and gums by orthodontics, whitening, and ceramic surgery.

The cosmetic dental treatment makes teeth beautiful as well as improves its functions. By this, your quality of life also gets better.

Treatment in Cosmetic Dentistry


In orthodontics, we align the teeth and refine the occlusion to the healthy and beautiful tooth alignment. It also makes your teeth strong that it can not be decayed easily.


It is a treatment to make teeth white, using a dental whitening agent without damaging or scraping your teeth. There are two types of whitening method which are office whitening and home whitening. You can choose a better plan according to your request.

Ceramic treatment

In ceramic treatment, we repair yellow teeth, old crowns, silver teeth, and bad teeth alignment to natural and beautiful teeth.
After the procedure, the teeth are no different from your natural teeth, and the color will not change for a long time. Besides, it hardly gets stains so that the teeth will not be decayed easily.
Ceramic treatment does not contain metal. You do not need to be worried about allergies.

Types of Ceramic

There are several types of ceramics; those differences are in its functions, appearances, and costs.

All-ceramic crown

All-ceramic crowns are made of only ceramic material. It looks stunning and hard to become dental caries. Besides it will not become dirty for a long time. Also, you do not need to be worried about a metal allergy.

Porcelain crown

It is superior in durability because ceramic is plated on metal. The metal is placed in the invisible point under the surface.

Zirconia ceramic

Zirconia ceramic is the most excellent material both in beauty and in durability among other ceramic teeth.It is made of artificial diamond, zirconia, with ceramics plated. It gives excellent transparency and whiteness like natural teeth.