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What is Denture?


A denture is a substitute tooth for a lost tooth.
Although many problems were pointed out so far such as difficulties in chewing, pain, and its appearances, now we are able to offer comfortable dentures for you.

Are you wearing uncomfortable dentures?

When your dentures do not fit your month, you cannot chew food properly. Your appetite will decrease and it will cause health problems.

For your health, it is important to use dentures that fit you perfectly.

Types of Dentures

We have ones with plastic (resin) and they are covered by health insurance.

As for better dentures, we have dentures with invisible metals and tightly fitting dentures made of titanium or gold (not covered by insurance).

It is also possible to replace with ceramic that looks more natural.

Flow of Denture Making

You need to visit us 4 to 5 times before your dentures are completed.
Also, after the dentures are made, we need to adjust it several times for the first few months.

Please note that the following procedure is only a sample because adjustment period varies depending on patient’s conditions of jaw and occlusion.

1:Molding of Teeth

We make a basic personal tray for teeth modeling.

2:Making your own tray

We make a precise model with a personal tray. Based on the tray, we will produce a base called “biteplate” which shows the muscle movement. This procedure is very important for creating firm teeth that enable to bite or to chew with no stress.

3:Checking occlusion

We check your occlusion attaching the biteplate (the position where the artificial tooth is placed).


We align the artificial teeth based on the occlusion. We can correct the alignment according to your preferences. Please do not hesitate to consult with us.


We produce dentures that fit the patient’s mouth adjusting it regularly.
Occasionally, some patients feel pain depending on situations such as during meals.

We can customize their dentures to fit their mouth perfectly.

You may be concerned about having dentures because of its wearing feelings, conditions, and appearances.
We will sincerely consult with you about your preferences at each step of the production in order to make the dentures that you can use for a long time.
We have a confidence in making your dentures.